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Episode 14: Really Little Show

Welcome back, Brour Patch! After a much needed vacation, the High Brour returns to gaze, graze, and amaze! Episode 14: Really Little Show (read as Carson doing Sullivan) is HERE! Before I give you the all-important run down, be sure to check out and bookmark our new OFFICIAL SITE:! 

Now, why should you listen  to episode 14 you ask? Well, as always, we open up the mailbag…

Is HE the greatest fictional swordsmen?

BG discusses the Whiz Toot…

(For more on this subject non-High Brour related, check out this link I stumbled on.)

Also on the show, TJ recites what can only be categorized as, well, we’re not sure. But we hope you like it.

And BG Matty O and Third Party Dave engage in a Brutal Battle Thunder Round of Impressions! I don’t want to spoil it for you but we think you’ll like our take on this guy…

And, don’t think we didn’t mention Subway’s new Pulled Pork sub.

Because we do. Admit it, you didn’t think we did.

It’s kind of like a paradox. If you aren’t listening to our show then you don’t know what you’re missing. But because you don’t know what you’re missing, you’re not listening to our show. Similarly, if you do know what you’re missing it’s because you listened to our show. But if you listened to our show you wouldn’t be missing anything. Blew. Your. Mind.

While you try and piece together the fragments of your brain, you might as well listen to the show. As always, you can listen to it HERE, get us from iTunes, or stream us from our Facebook page!  And don’t forget to check out our fresh new website:! It’s the portal to all things High Brour as well as news and features you won’t get anywhere else!

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to e-mail us at Sweeee-ouuuu Nation!


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