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High Brour 12: Red Kryptonite


The High Brour is back, as you knew it would be! If you missed TJ’s rebuttal blog to BG’s “Chicks with hats is a deal breaker”, you can read it HERE, or just scroll down to the last post.

If you’re here for the main course, Episode 12: Red Kryptonite then head over to our hosting site by clicking HERE!

If you would rather take a gander at what we have ready to offer up this week first, then by all means feast your eyes on THIS….

The Brour Crew crack open the Brour Patch MAILBAG! Faithful listener Ocean City Ted writes in and, among other controversial topics, brings up THIS self-titled agile fat guy:

Deal breaker or deal sealer? You be the judge.

Hosts BG Matt and TJ finally settle some of the more pressing issues that have been causing a wedge between them. For example…

Who’s better?

3P Dave helps sort it all out! Yes, we brought him back, and yes, he’s single, fellows ladies.

As promised, the High Brour talks about an issue most pressing…



Is it good theater? Unnecessary? A lower form of comedy then puns? The Brour Crew talk some of your favorites.

And, in a segment that TJ and 3P Dave are still trying to figure out what the hell happened, BG Matt shows off an old blues guitar he got at a pawn shop garage sale…


…with frightening consequences. Just tune in!

Ready? Check out Episode 12 HERE!

Of course, you can always find the newest episode up on iTunes if you search for “High Brour” and don’t forget to E-mail us at You’ll be glad you did.

Sweee-ouuu to YOU, Brour Patch! Don’t forget, without you, we ain’t got shit! We’re on Facebook, we’re on Twitter. Check us out and let us know, good or bad, your thoughts on the show!


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