High Brour Segments

Each week the High Brour strives to bring you quality comedy entertainment with free-flowing thoughts and week-to-week topics. In the interest of structure, the Brour also has a growing list of segments that pop up from time to time and take several forms. Here is a list of High Brour Segments to keep you in the know!

Jew Jokes for Gentiles: BG’s Jewish connection tells a joke. Everyone laughs.

Gaysops Gaybles: A fable and a moral with a modern (gay) twist.

Brour Patch Mailbag: The Brour Crew dives into the mailbag to stay interactive with the Brour Patch fan base! Includes E-Mail, tweets, messages, and comments!

TJ’s Grumblings: TJ will, for lack of a better phrase, go off on a rant. Also collected in text on this site!

The THUNDER Round: Previously the Lightning Round, TJ, BG, or TPD will be on the hot seat, usually answering 5 rapid fire questions or being forced to do 5 rapid fire impersonations.

High Brour Herald Poll Question: A Brour Crew member will ask the others their thoughts on a poll that they’ve seen in the High Brour Herald.

TJ’s Tape Deck: A avid cassette tape collector, TJ will, from time to time, showcase snippets of his collection, while BG gives his approval or disapproval on the quality of the offering.

Dear Baby Gorilla: BG Matt will answer a stolen Dear Abby question with his best advice.

High Brour’s Ode To…: A High Brour crew member will deliver a heart felt poem to a person, place, or thing that has touched or affected their life. Collected in text here!


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