Episode 15: Muppet Madness!

27 Jul

Hey there, hi there, where’s all the hos there? It’s time for Episode 15: Muppet Madness or, as BG MO puts it, “halfway to quitting!” If you haven’t checked it out, click HERE or head over to to listen and check out all our other fun features including links to our Twitter page, E-mail addresses, and check out our Brour Patch E-Mail of the Week!

This week the High Brour is excited to boast a HUGE interview! We don’t want to give it away but…



…I bet you can figure it out!

After that, the High Brour Crew does what it does. I’m tired of explaining everything, just go LISTEN!

Check back later this week for some all-new original Blog content! And as always, E-mail the show at or any of our crew at,, and/!



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One response to “Episode 15: Muppet Madness!

  1. Doris

    July 27, 2011 at 2:47 am

    I just listened to your show featuring my favorite muppet ever, Kermit The (pronounced “thee”) Frog. He sounds really sad and down on his luck. And that actually made me horny. I’m really into needy guys. Please tell your manager to tell Kermit that if he needs a place to crash or a purse to steal from, I’m his gal.



    PS. I’m currently in jail. I should be out in 2 weeks.


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