Episode 13: Demon Donut!

02 Jul

Hello and welcome once again, Brour Patch!

Episode 13: Demon Donut is UP for your amusement HERE!

The other good news is that is now up! Be sure to bookmark the site, make it your homepage, or check it compulsively! It’s the portal to all things High Brour!

So…why should you listen to Episode 13?

The Brour debuts their new announcer—he makes everything sound at least 35% more professional! Score!

We talk deadly demon donuts…

…and while we don’t talk Karate Kid, BG tells a story where he feels a lot like Daniel-son. Except replace Mr. Miyagi with a candy bar.

TJ’s drops an “Ode to…” poem (I wonder who it’s about?)

And the Brour Patch talks Escalator Etiquette. It’s more amusing then it sounds.

And the High Brour’s most popular segment returns….Jew Jokes for Gentiles!

You know the drill, Brour Patch…check out, check out the Twitter, download us from Podbean or iTunes, and do what you do when you do what you do!

Don’t forget to e-mail the show at our NEW addresses:
The High Brour Mailbag(
BG Matt(
3rd Party Dave(


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