High Brour 11: Ladies Night!

21 Jun

“Lady Godiva is the original nude lady on a horse.”

“Did she eat chocolate?”

Sweee-oouuu to you, Brour Patch! If you missed it, our newest episode is back to being hosted on Podbean and iTunes! Download or listen, it’s up to you–just do it now! You can find it HERE! Or do the iTunes thing, you know what you’re doing.

What is YOUR deal breaker in a relationship? We tell you ours. Hint–anything to do with Diane Keaton.

“Hats…Anything with a fuckin’ brim is off limits…”-BG

TJ on Deal Breakers:

“If my wife started reading Twilight, I would divorce her. And I’m not even kidding. Sometimes I leave it on the table to like, tease her. I’ll be like, ‘Is this a bookmark on page 34? I’m done. And I’m taking the dog.'”

BG on Kristin Stewart:

“Remember when she was riding that dirt bike and she was making those weird faces like she was taking a shit and getting punched in the stomach at the same time? It’s the worst acting I’ve ever seen.”

“Why are 14 year olds wearing pants that say ‘Juicy’ on the butt?”- Third Party Dave

“Especially in the summer time. It’s kinda when they play Nelly more as summer approaches, the chance of seeing a dude lookin’ like a girl from behind increases.” -TJ

“Nice balls, buddy.”-BG

“I think the only time it’s okay to have something tattooed on your breasts is if you were born without nipples and you need them tattooed on. That’s what I did. To so many people.” Third Party Dave

All of this and so much more! Sold? I know you are! Check us out HERE!

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Sweee-ouuu-Nation Unite!


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