Episode 10: Tape-O-Rama!

14 Jun

Check out the brand-spank-the-monkey-new High Brour show HERE!

After a couple weeks of technical difficulties, the High Brour is BACK! CAN YOU DIG IT! We can! Strap yourself in for a little segment we like to call, “TJ’s TAPE DECK!”

“This is a little thing I like to call…check it out…”

“I was like, this isn’t the Technodrome, it’s the Techno-shit!”

And remember, “Back hair is the measure of your boner length.” -Baby Gorilla Matt.

What the heck are you waiting for, sniffle face? Check the new show out HERE! Don’t mind the new hosting site, we should be back on Podbean shortly!

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And, if you missed the news, we are now searchable and downloadable on iTunes! Either check out the URL HERE or search for the High Brour Half Hour in the iStore search box!

Thanks for supporting the High Brour and as always, if you E-mail the show we will NOT read your real names unless you specifically ask us to. That’s a High Brour Guarantee!



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