Episode 9: There be Raptors!

21 May

What’s piggin’ and pokin’ Brour Patch?!

Episode 9 is coming at you right HERE!

This week the High Brour Crew takes you on another cerebral adventure with such topics as:

Sexy Sandwiches!

Bible Trivia!

We mourn the loss of the Macho Man Randy Savage in our own unique way…by having him in studio!

Oh, and did we mention it’s the start of the end of the world today?

So go ahead and check out our official hosting site and download this week’s episode HERE!

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And, if you missed the news, we are now searchable and downloadable (or uploadable, I never know the difference) on iTunes! Either check out the URL HERE or search for the High Brour Half Hour in the iStore search box!

Thanks for supporting the High Brour and as always, if you E-mail the show we will NOT read your real names unless you specifically ask us to. That’s a High Brour Guarantee!



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