Episode 8: Cars and Bars

15 May

Sweeeee-oouu Nation! Get y’all hands up! We’ve got another edition of the High Brour Comedy Half Hour to help you get through a lonely Saturday night! Or whenever is more convenient for you–we recommend downloading it and popping it on your music player of choice to listen at your leisure. If you haven’t already done so, you can find Episode 8 HERE!

TJ and BG are once again joined in ‘Udio with the Beave to deliver the funny right to your bean noggin. Episode 8 just might have it all. And by all, I mean:

The High Brour Mailbag is over-flowing with comments (E-mail us at and BG and TJ respond to a couple of listeners!

The Brour Crew is split on who the Freshest baby-dip was on Fresh Prince:

Are you Team Hilary…

…or Team Ashley?

The Brour Boys get to the bottom of why society is crazy about Zombies with a patented TJ Rant with BG and the Beave providing back-up commentary!

SPOILER: the only thing this guide is useful for is as a disappointing projectile.

And of course the show wouldn’t be the High Brour without mentioning genetalia but this time in the name of science! How many parts of the Vajeepers can BG name?

Can you find the Sarlacc Menora and the Sarlacc Mijora?

All this and a brand new segment we like to call…Dear BG!

She’s gonna be so mad.

Anyway, now that you’re already feeling stupid for not listening already, go to our official hosting site HERE to grab a listen!

And THEN, don’t forget to E-mail us HERE (, check out our Facebook page and “like us”, and follow us on Twitter! We would love to read your E-mails and Tweets on a future installment!

And, if you missed the news, we are now searchable and downloadable (or uploadable, I never know the difference) on iTunes! Either check out the URL HERE or search for the High Brour Half Hour in the iStore search box!

Thanks for supporting the High Brour and as always, if you E-mail the show we will NOT read your real names unless you specifically ask us to. That’s a High Brour Guarantee!


(The High Brour recommends after listening to today’s show you check out this Youtube Video: Bubb Rubb and Lil’ Sis)


One response to “Episode 8: Cars and Bars

  1. r oyer

    June 26, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Definitely not fair to use a totally bogus and unattractive 90s picture of Hilary to compare to a hot bikinied over-18 Ashley!


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