Episode 7: Spice up your life!

08 May

Sweeeee-ouuu Nation, unite!

Welcome Brour Patch! It’s another edition of your favorite internet radio entertainment podcast, the High Brour Comedy Half Hour!

Please head on over to our hosting site and check out the latest episode HERE!

And THEN, don’t forget to E-mail us HERE (, check out our Facebook page and “like us”, and follow us on Twitter! We would love to read your E-mails and Tweets on a future installment!

And, if you missed the news, we are now searchable and downloadable (or uploadable, I never know difference) on iTunes! Either check out the URL HERE or search for the High Brour Half Hour in the iStore search box!

If you’re still reading and not listening you MIGHT be interested to know today’s episode contains but is not limited to the following:

We open up the mailbag and find some delicious (or sandy) Doritos…

Our new World and News Reporter The Beave joins us in the ‘Udio…

…to discuss the recent call for Banning Circumcisions in California!

The High Brour Crew play a Cat Calling game:

BG relates a recent experience at a local Billiards and Bar Joint…

TJ enters the Lightning Round hot seat…

And the boys pay tribute to one of the true icons in music history!

All of this, and so much more crammed into a half hour bag of tricks!

So you don’t have to scroll all the way back up, check out Episode 7 right HERE!


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