Episode 6: Huh?

05 May

Welcome, Brour Patch!

(*Edit:You asked for it and we’ve got it. You can now get your High Brour Comedy Half Hour Podcast from iTunes! You can either go HERE or wait a day or two and then search for us from the iTunes store search. So just y’know, do it.)

Is it Saturday? No! It’s only Wednesday and to give you the extra push to get to the weekend we’re going to give you an extra treat…a second High Brour Episode on the week! Check out the newest episode HERE!

*Post-production note: BG used up his quota for graphic mentions of the male genitalia during this episode. At least we here at the High Brour hope he has. If you haven’t figured it out, streaming this show at work is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Downloading and listening to it at your leisure (read: lezh-er) is a KICK ASS IDEA.

Anyway, the High Brour crew opens up the MAILBAG once again:

TJ asks BG what he would do if his lady ever asked him THIS

And BG enters the High Brour Tower of Power Lightning Round and is asked to perform 5 impromptu impressions, including this guy:

And finally the duo samples and reviews another local group TEN THOUSAND POUNDS! Check them out, drop them a note and tell them you heard about them through the High Brour!

Sounds like a hoot, right? Well, love it or lump it, you rubbernecks! Episode 6, coming at you right HERE!

As always if you love it, hate it, are offended, gotten let down, or if you have anything to offer, don’t forget to E-mail us HERE (, check out our Facebook page and “like us”, and follow us on Twitter!


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