03 May

If you haven’t already listened to Episode 5 HERE, you’ve already made the wrong choice. Among a variety of kick-ass subjects, we reveal the scam known as the Ice Container inside a Pitcher of Beer.

After you listen to our show, don’t forget to E-mail us HERE (, check out our Facebook page and “like us”, and follow us on Twitter! We would so very much like your twits, tweets, and twa…er, you know what I mean.

Need help getting an E-mail started? We would love to hear from you about:

-Your irrational fears? Tell us!

-Who would you like to read you an audio book (could be anyone!)

-What’s dinosaur are you the most afraid of?

-Any suggestions for an upcoming Gaesops Gaybles feature?

-Any favorite Comic Convention stories?

-Any local Rochester, NY band, food, or comedy recommendations for us to review and/or plug?

-And anything else your twisted brains can come up with, we’d love to read ’em, and we won’t use your name if you ask us not to! That’s the High Brour guarantee!


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