Episode 4: Crusty Nipples

23 Apr

Hello everybody and welcome once again to the High Brour Half Hour!

Join us once again as we thrill you, chill you, and downright ill you in another half hour journey through the life and times of Baby Gorilla and Thomas Jay.

Check out the new episode HERE! Stream it or download it, whichever you prefer!

Not sold?

In today’s episode we tackle such hard hitting topics like:

The Bugaboo Creek Saga:

Fat Wonder Women:

BG and TJ battle in a Scat competition!

And the duo discuss Chinese Pizza, the merits of a Twinkie and a whole lot more in the best 30 minutes you’ll spend this week!

Let’s go, daddy-o, listen up!

Episode 4 of the High Brour Comedy Half Hour is HERE!

As always, e-mail us at! Follow us on Twitter at Highbrour, Like us on the Facebook, and most importantly, listen to us HERE!


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