Episode 3: “Sandy!”

14 Apr

Episode three is here….Sweee-ou!

Head on over to our HIGH BROUR PODBEAN site to check, check, check it out!

Download it, play it, or play it as a pop up HERE!

In today’s episode:

BG and TJ talk about Laura and Eddie…

Or perhaps you know them as Robbie and Charlene?!?

TJ goes on a rant. Short version: Organic carrots suck.

A bit about Grease. You’ll love it. Just listen.

Data is using every bit of his positronic brain not to check out that fox’s rear end.

Or so TJ would have you believe.

And BG narrates an Aesop-esque fable…with a twist.

All this and much, much more.

BG loves this guy, right?

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