First Episode Run Down

04 Apr

Hello everybody and welcome to the High Brour! We hope you’ve listened to the first show here!

If you haven’t, go ahead, we’ll wait.

If you’re still on the fence…

Hosts BG and DT (that’s Baby Gorilla and Doubting Thomas) take you through a wild ride of personal stories, general gripes, an introduction of what they hope to accomplish, and a variety of opinions on a wide array of subjects!

Some of the topics on the inaugural show include, but are not limited to:

Irrational Fears: DT discusses one of his most irrational fears: Bumper Cars.

Please e-mail the show HERE ( to tell us your irrational fear and the story behind it!

BG discusses Summer Camp, Dude Chicks, and Kirsten Dunst:

Our hosts also touch on pop culture classics like Jaws and Webster!

And of course, much, much more for just a smidge over an hour! Go ahead, give it a listen!

We need your help!

We want your stories! Please e-mail the show with anything related to the first show: Irrational Fears, wacky Stepdad stories, opinions on the Jaws movie, and any crazy stories you might have had at Summer Sleep Camp. Your story will most likely be read on an upcoming High Brour episode!


We want to promote, discuss, and build up all of our local (Rochester, NY) talent, especially local bands, as music is a passion of BG. Any local indy wrestlers who want some time or plugs please contact us as well, as DT has former ties and would love to promote your fed. Local Improv groups are welcome to e-mail us as well. And anyone else who performs in our fair city. Even drag queens, though to be honest, we just don’t get it. E-mail us HERE , ( please! Sooner than later we hope to have Skype interviewing capabilities as well.

Jingle on the Jangle, Internet style!

Please, interaction is more than welcome, even hate mail! It is our sincere hope that every show is better than the last. Any topics, feedback, or suggestions…send it in! Come check us out on facebook and show some hippie love (whatever that means).

Next Time

So go ahead and get in on the ground floor of the High Brour, have a listen, and we’ll see you here again soon. Next up: BG tries to break DT of his annoying habit of saying, “right”, after everything BG says. Should be a sceam!


One response to “First Episode Run Down

  1. High Brour Weekly Podcast

    April 7, 2011 at 2:52 am

    We received a real comment from what was dubbed as a spam message. Instead of trying to wrap my mind around what that means, I’ll just post the comment here:

    “I dig the Episode 1. I am looking forward to more random creativity from DT & BG!

    packing peanuts is my favorite part, lmao poor kids…

    which one of you is afraid of h2o??”


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